UWB Person Tracker

Indoor positioning & tracking of workers. Real time location and haptic feedback.

ID Card Sized UWB Tracker

Light and slim UWB person tracker with MIFARE tag. Ideal for office use with 1 month of battery life.

UWB Ex-Proof Person Tracker

Indoor RTLS tracker for ATEX Zone 1 factories and warehouses. Wireless charging and haptic feedback options.

UWB Indoor Asset Trackers

Indoor RTLS asset tracker for factories and warehouses. Screw and magnet mount options.

Forklift Operator Terminal

Forklift operator messaging and tracking terminal with RFID operator identification & crash sensor.

UWB Forklift & AGV Tracker

Vehicle powered UWB tracker with I/O and Serial Port extensions.

UWB Anchor Base Station

Anchor point for UWB RTLS. WiFi Connected UWB Basepoints.