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Precision Real-Time Positioning and Tracking

Asset Tracking

Enhance operational efficiency and productivity

Employee Tracking

Safety, security and increased efficiency with better just in time human resource planning

Forklift Tracking

Better safety and operational efficiency with position and driver tracking

Analysis and Streamlined Operation

Creuflink software, monitor, analyse and export operational data to boost overall efficiency

What is RTLS Real-time Locating System

RTLS is mainly used to identify and locate the position of people, assets and other objects in real time, usually used within a building, factory or similar contained areas.

How does UWB RTLS work?

The UWB RTLS is the most precise and reliable indoor location technology ever. It uses fixed anchors to measure multiple distances with the mobile tag and a computer calculates the exact position of the tag in real-time. Distances are evaluated using the propagation speed of a short radio signal, which is extremely fast and precise.

Industrial RTLS Applications

Since GPS or similar outdoor location systems cannot be used indoors, UWB technology is the best alternative when industrial applications of RTLS arise. UWB tags are so immune to structural and other surrounding materials present in a factory or a warehouse. Positioning of a worker or an asset can be visible in the system with satisfying confidence. During a normal operation, positioning of people, forklifts and important assets can give great insight for understanding the true flow of operation. The provided observability enables a better planning and increased productivity.

Tracking the flow of the production or the lifecycle of an asset can yield solid KPI's and overall system ratings. Bottlenecks can be identified and idle resources can be utilized just-in-time.

Indoor Positioning on Emergency Situations

Last known locations of the people on a search and rescue operation can be crucial. In case of a fire and other unexpected situations, people can be trapped or lose consciousness so not to mobilize themselves or to respond to a rescue attempt. RTLS gives the latest acquired location which greatly reduces a search effort and shortens the most critical response time.

Atex Certified Ex-Proof Trackers

Facilities with explosion risks, require a certified tracking product to be used in Atex environments. Tracker device, shall not cause any risk for the hazardous environment and the device also must be durable against harsh industrial conditions. Creuf ex-proof trackers are Zone 1 and 21 certified. Trackers manufactured with flame retardant IP67 enclosures to be used in chemical facilities with explosive vapours and flammable fine-dust environments.

CREUF's industry leading ex-proof trackers also include vibration haptic feedback to the user in any noisy environment. The device can also be charged via contactless charging without a need of a lit or a connector which enables a totally sealed device enclosure.

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